Can I use Bitcoin to pay for my bills?

Yes, We are one of the first web hosting companies in South Korea that accepted Bitcoin as a way of payment. All we need is a valid cell phone number that we need to verify by sending a code to it. After verification, we will enable the payment button on your invoice. SMS Will be sent in office hours (Mon~Fri) KST. Please open a ticket in our support department by going to   and let us know your cell phone number. 

We do not provide anonymous web Hosting or domain Registration.

비트코인으로 결제하기 위해서 고객님의 유대폰번호를 인증해야합니다.영업일(월~금)에 결제 인증확인 SMS 보내드리오니 회원정보 연락처 확인요망.

About refund:

Even if a full refund is accepted please note: When you receive a refund from our gateway, you get the total invoice amount minus the gateway network cost and the miner fee for returning the payment. When you send a bitcoin payment, you are sending the amount necessary to cover the invoice price, plus the standard gateway network cost for the invoice. This total amount is reflected in the BTC price your wallet fetches from the invoice when you scan to pay. It's also shown on the invoice's total BTC price. The additional network cost included in your invoice total covers the cost of gateway's UTXO sweep for your payment. Because the network cost has to be paid to bitcoin miners in order for the gateway to access your payment, it cannot be used again. This means it cannot be included in the refund you receive from the gateway. Also, note that the gateway does not receive the miner fee your bitcoin wallet includes in the outgoing bitcoin transaction. This fee pays the bitcoin network's cost of confirming your payment. If you use an exchange or online account to send bitcoin payments to the gateway (not recommended), the service provider may deduct a miner fee or service fee from your outgoing payment that is not sent to the gateway. Finally, if you receive a refund for an underpayment or overpayment via gateway's refund processing flow, the miner fee required to issue the refund will be deducted from the amount that returns to your wallet address.

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