Please make sure you add additional email to your account

We always do our best to make sure that emails are delivered to you however we expect our customers make additional adjustments. If you do not want to miss any important invoice, support, or announcement related emails please make sure you add one more additional contact ( email address ) to your account and activate notifications. Please use ... Read More »

7th Sep 2020
Phishing sites

Recently a lot of people all over the world receive scam letters made to steal email login and passwords look like messages originating from a hosting provider. Our customers too might have received such emails pretending to originate from our servers .  Please be careful in clicking suspicious links and make sure that all ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2020
Please enable Two-Factor Authentication for client area

(This feature might not be available ) What is Two-Factor Authentication?Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security by introducing a second step to your login. It takes something you know (i.e.: your password), and adds a second factor, typically something you physically have (such as your phone). Since both are required to ... Read More »

30th Jan 2020
If you want to change your payment method to credit card

Customers who are using PayPal to make payments but prefer to directly use a credit card please contact us
and we will make the necessary adjustments.

30th Jan 2020
2020 KOREA New Year (Solnal)

2020 KOREA New Year (Solnal)

10% OFF   FOR ALL OF OUR SERVERS only for a limited number of new customers who sign up with us.

When ordering please use this discount code:  happy2020  and update your cart.

Happy new year


23rd Jan 2020
Php 5 ~ 7.1 depreckated please change it in your cpanel account

Warning: PHP versions PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, and PHP 7.1 are deprecated. For security reason We recommend that you update to a supported version of PHP asap. We will eventually disable this php version. You can do so by going to your cpanel / Under Software click Multiphp manager then in the following pageselect your site / Right corner ,choose the ... Read More »

20th Dec 2019
Hosting customers using our services for over 5 years

For customers who have been using our services for more than 5 years.  Please note we are now providing moreresources, some VPS are SSD now and we have more powerful dedicated servers available. As time goes by prices will go down and the technology becomes better.  Please feel free to contact us for replacement of your server and plans.  Royal ... Read More »

12th Nov 2019
New facilities new data center

New facilities in LG data center. If you need to have your server set up in any other data center please feel free to contact us.

10th Sep 2009
1 month free shared hosting Refugee Specials

Sign up for a Korean Shared Hosting before available spots run out. This special is for a limited time. Customers coming from other Korean companies are eligible for 1 Months free Shared Hosting ! Customers must have been with them for at least 1 month before transferring the service to us. By providing proofs such as a paid invoice . If you have ... Read More »

15th Oct 2008
Refugee Special 1 Month Free for all VPS Hostings

Sign up for a VPS before available spots run out. This special is for a limited time Customers coming from a competitor are eligible for 1 Months free VPS ! Customers must have been with their competitor for at least 1 month before transferring their service to us. By providing proofs such as a paid invoice . If you have a question regarding ... Read More »

19th Jan 2008