Even though I made payment your invoice say "unpaid" (paypal under review) Flag

If paid by paypal :

Some times Paypal does not clear the payment. When we login to paypal account paypal gives us this message.
In this case until review is complete we won't be able to set up your account.
Also please send us Correct phone number and identification. Contact our billing department.
You will need to wait for APPROX 24 hours.

Wait - Don't ship yet

Payment Status:

Under Review

What should I do now?

Wait to ship the item until we've completed Payment Review for this transaction.
  • To help protect you, PayPal is reviewing this payment.
  • The review process may take up to 24 hours.
  • We'll contact you as soon as we reach a decision.
  • You should not ship the item until we let you know the payment has cleared.
    If the payment clears: You may proceed to process the order


Q: What is Payment Review?

A: Payment Review is an automatic early warning system by Paypal that alerts sellers to potentially fraudulent payments.
It relies on the vast amounts of payment data in their systems,
Paypal's experience in sophisticated fraud modeling and the collective expertise of their fraud agents.

Q: How it works

A: If Paypal systems spot a high-risk payment, they’ll send us an email alert within minutes to advise that payment has been
interrupted, pending investigation. A Payment Review investigation typically takes up to 24 hours to complete.

If paypal determines that the payment is most likely legitimate, it'll let us know via email and on the Transaction Details page .
If Paypal determines that the payment is most likely fraudulent, the payment will be automatically canceled.

Q: I haven't had a problem with these accounts before and I make a lot of purchases with paypal why this time?

A: Nothing wrong. Most likely it is because of YOUR address, IP etc and Paypal policy change recently.
You should either contact Paypal in your area and ask them to approve
the payment or simply wait until they confirm you payment.
Please note Even though your payment now is assigned to our account we are not allowed to go ahead with your
purchase because your payment is not confirmed.There is nothing we can do.
Please do not contact our billing department. Either keep waiting or just contact Paypal directly.


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