(Tax) I need a tax payment voucher(Tax Invoice)

If your company is located in Korea ( You have a business registration here) and you need a tax payment voucher Please contact our billing Department and we will issue one for your company. If GST ( VAT) has not been included in your invoice you will need to pay 10% more to get a TAX Invoice from us.

Please note: If we need to manually issue you a Tax Voucher (Depending on the services or products you have signed up) we might ask you to change your billing cycle to a longer period. Please contact our Billing Department by submitting a billing ticket here

in the body of your message please send us the following information. ( As you are in Korea you can ask a Korean to type this info)

사업자 등록번호:
This information must be sent exactly the way it is in your business registration certificate in Korea. We do not need the English translation of your business certificate. The original in the Korean language is what we require. We will also need a copy of your business registration certificate. When we have your business registration information in the future as long as you are with us you do not need to request tax invoice any more unless your business information has changed.



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