What is telephone verification?

We do not provide services to any anonymous clients, that is why we verify the phone number specified by the customer.

Verification might be  fully automated. 

Why do you require cell phone number ( mobile phone ) ?

1. To discourage illegal activities and fraud orders as much as possible.
2. To be able to have a direct communication number in case of emergency .

You might need to make a phone call to us so we can screen the number you provided in your profile.

Why you do not accept a landline phone ?

Because it is easy to provide a public phone number and wait for an automated voice message to make a fraud order go through but in most  countries the identity of a mobile phone owner is documented.

If we accept a landline phone It will be in situations when a company is well known , It has a website with that number mentioned in contact page. In this case we might accept an order on condition that some other documents like business registration certificate etc is provided.

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